Used Plastic Injection Moulding Machinery

Plastic investments specialise in used plastic injection moulding machinery and can help you regardless of whether your looking to buy or sell your used plastic injection moulding machinery. They can provide support with machinery ranging from singular machines to entire plants. No matter the size of the job, the team can help!


Plastic investments can offer you the perfect solution to all your surplus equipment by using their 30 years plus of experience on advising on the valuation, sale and sourcing of used plastic injection moulding machinery. The team can guide you along the way if you are looking to upgrade or expand your used injection moulding machinery. Through their global sales and sourcing solution for used plastic injection moulding machinery, they will ensure your needs are met.


Plastic investments own a large variety of used plastic injection moulding machinery, each with large variations of age profiles, ranging from 25 to 4000 tonnes. Due to their extensive knowledge within this field, they can act as agents for manufacturing and financial clients. Should you require trade-in or finance options, these are available for their range of used plastic injection moulding machinery.


Used plastic injection moulding machinery are an affordable alternative to brand new injection moulding machines. Brand new injection moulding machines are very costly because they are far more precise and higher quality than the older generation models. Plastic investments can detail the differing options available to you as their team are highly experienced with selling all types of used plastic injection moulding machinery.


Plastic investments’ used injection moulding machines are used for the production of plastic parts and components for a wide range of applications. The latest machines are far more precise when compared to older generations and are able to generate significantly higher levels of production too. These machines are the central production tool for plastic products. There is a high level of complexity involved within operating these machines and so more often than not, these machines are used by professionals who work directly within plastic production.