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Plastic Investments have 30 years’ experience on advising on the valuation, sale and sourcing of used injection moulding machines. If you are thinking of upgrading or expanding your range of machinery. We offer a global sales and sourcing solution for used injection moulding machines, whether you’re buying or selling in the – contact us!


We can act as agent for manufacturing and financial clients. Plastic Investments have an extensive experience in selling all types of used injection moulding machines with a wide range of age profiles from 25 to 4000 tonne with trade-in and finance options available.


We sell any used injection moulding machines, no matter the brand or the size. We also sell ancillaries including robots, granulators, driers, feed systems, conveyors, automation, HRC’s, moulds and intellectual property.


Our expert valuations team in the UK can help you with any concerns and open market appraisals, we will also help you figure out how much you should be selling your used injection moulding machines for and how much the market will pay. Plastic Investments also has access to a global seller database to match all buyers and sellers, all you need to do is tell us your requirements and we’ll find someone looking to buy a used injection moulding machine.


Plastic Investments are specialist plastic machinery advisors to the industry offering used injection moulding machines to entire plants. There are many sale options that we offer from specialist auctions to tender sales, we can work around your business. If you have the money to pay for one of our used injection moulding machines then you can pay for it in an outright, single cash purchase, providing surety and with guaranteed timings.


Do you have a used injection moulding machine that you want to sell? Send us your details and we can discuss the various options available to you! Your machine can be offered to our global audience to maximise competition and ultimately your return.