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Sunny SGS-614F Horizontal Surface Grinding Machine with 2 Axis DRO, 148 x 363 T-Slot Table, Horizontak Travel 380mm, Cross Travel 400mm, Spindle Speed 3,450rpm (2011)

Strapping Machine GT-SMART (Year 2017)

Dryer Machine Helios

Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

Explosion Proof Cabinet

Yan Yang SY-2030 4 Exis EDM Drilling Machine, Table 460 x 210mm, X/Y Travel 300 x 200mm, Z/W Axis 345 x 200mm, DRO Resolution 0.005mm, Electrode Guide Travel 150mm, Max Workpiece weight 200Kg s.n.141106

Lifting Magnet CPLM20 / 2t

Chmer CM655Z Die Sinking EDM, 1000 x 600mm Table, X/Y Travel 600 x 500mm, Z Axis Travel 500mm, Tank 1500 x 800 x 500mm, Max Workpiece Weight 2,250Kg and  75EZ CNC Control (Year 2010)

AMS Ttech AW6S 5 Axis Wire Eroder, X/Y Travel 650 x 450mm, U,V,Z Travel 120 x 120 x 300mm, Max Weight of Workpiece 600Kg,  Rapid Travers 800mm/min (Year 2011) 

Tailift TPR-1230H Radial Arm Drilling Machine with Hydraulic Clamping, Spindle rpm (50Hz) - 37-1253 (12 speeds), Box Table 635 x 520 x 415mm, Base 1720 x 715 x 185mm, Column Dia 300mm, Min Max distance from column to spindle 330/1230mm, Spindle Head travel 880mm, Elevating Height of Arm 620mm (2011)

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Dynablade 64203 Sucking working table, sand grinding (Year 2020)

Quickjet QJM-S2 Vertical Milling Machine, 1,250 x 280mm

T-Slot Table, Traverses X-730mm,

Y-400mm, Z-420mm,

60 to 3600rpm, Tilt Angle 45 degrees (Year 2011) 

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